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Meditative Living

Tom Nissimoff



My dear, dear reader,

Did you know there is a very natural way of growing old or getting older for that matter ?

For a moment imagine you just finished your final “bucket list” and there is nothing left to do. You’ve really done it all. For a moment you may almost be a little confused, then sad, for you were so used to being continuously active. So the spinning wheels in your head and bones keep spinning without any place or time to go to. You’ve had all the excitement, trouble and relaxation there can be.

Now it’s over, but you’re still here without a purpose, any motive. But you’re not a burden to anyone either. You’re just here, with time eternal at your hands. No needs, no worries, no fears – but no wishes either. Death or pain are no threat to you any more. It may not be obvious to any bystander, but deep inside, you’ve always felt to be you. Your white hair almost gone, your joints sometimes painful, but inside, that peace and subtle joy behind your eyes (that now need reading glasses) never really leave you. You are timelessly in no man’s land and feel awkwardly free. No memories to haunt you, no timetable to chain you. You are just here and go along. You flow. Ice became water.

Some people become that way when they are in their teens, some in there twenties, some later, but all of us have the tremendous potential and opportunity to be at peace here and forever. There wasn’t anything to be gained that couldn’t have been lost from the beginning. All that’s left is that peaceful feeling within us which can be shared with anyone any time now.

Funniest thing, this chance had always been there. We just needed to “lose” our treasure to be able to realise we are peace and joy ourselves, so we can’t lose it, whatever we may try. We may try to become hell on earth, but ultimately we won’t escape our true nature – being peace and joy. The only reason for not always being at peace is our continuous attachment to fleeting experiences. Until eventually we exhaust ourselves enough to finally come back home.


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