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Meditative Living

Tom Nissimoff




Attention, please.

Last call for flight number 101 to eternal peace and love. Mr and Mrs. Blue Planet please come to the Self-Inquiry Desk.  Thank you.

When we are with people dying in hospices, hospitals or in their homes, we hear complaints like

“didn’t have enough time …”

“should have followed my heart …”

“should have tried … “

“missed out on … “

“too late now.”

It isn’t. We are simply “being,” “existence,” disguised by thoughts and emotions, body and mind as an experience, a person. This pure simple fact remains timelessly peacefully within us. Complaints go. Friendly humour remains, curiously awaiting “refresher” time. Then suddenly in no time we’ll awake in a new sense of identity. This game repeats itself until all of us wake up out of the dream of existence.

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