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Tom Nissimoff




My dear, dear reader,

Do a little self-inquiry and you’ll quickly find out – you are not your job, nor your degree, not a partner in a relationship, however precious it may seem, nor a father or a mother. You are not even a gender, or a body. You are not what you think to be for the simple reason that what you truly are can not change. Anything you have ever experienced or will ever experience or what you experience right now is changing and therefore not you.

You are not an experience, you are not change. Whatever you may think you are IS changing and therefore not truly you. It’s like the eye that can’t see itself without a mirror. So the closest you come to know yourself is with the help of a mirror, e.g. an honest, innocent person with integrity, a wise man or woman who simply looks at you without any judgement or labelling –  no thought, no emotion. Then when you are open, you may get a glimpse of a reflection of who or what you truly are. Love in action.

You need this simple open look at yourself to get a glimpse of what you really are. You need it, because you are beyond thought and experience. Try it and you’ll quickly have the answer. It’s self explanatory. The answer cannot be told or put into words, but enough hints – zip codes, road signs, maps (I am that I am, stillness, presence, unconditional love) – can be offered for orientation. So anybody can follow his own path and awaken.

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