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Meditative Living

Tom Nissimoff



Health and sickness are neither good nor bad. They are pointers to dis-harmonies, stress, conflicts, issues unresolved. Erratic nerves attract attention, a need for love, to be cared for. First we try to treat illness correctly, then we need to trust the healing process and leave it alone. With healing, an unknown intelligence is at work. If we allow ourselves to relax totally, sooner or later the mind and body follow. They find a new order, a new harmony.

When we take care of ourselves, give ourselves endless time without limitations, making room within body and mind, healing readily resumes its work. Next to healthy food and moderate exercise, our body-mind loves complete relaxation, deep sleep and being cared for.

Any true healing – be it body, mind, soul, the world – needs peace, peace inside before healing can take place. And peace can only find us when we stop stirring up old wounds, worries and ideas, hopes and expectations. We may have to give up quite some expectations and illusions before our hearts find rest and peace. We may have to surrender dreams, but it is necessary before any true healing can begin. Let’s not forget: peace and love always exist. We just don’t give them a chance – clouding the sun first and then complaining about the lack of light, peace and stillness …

Sometimes we are struck by natures’ beauty, wilderness and wide open endless skies. When we observe and partake in nature, our world within – within our body and mind – resembles and reflects it. We can get a sense of that simple presence within us that is timeless. We can stay with it, peacefully watching, observing.


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