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Meditative Living

Tom Nissimoff



When something moves us deeply, when we are mesmerized, caught by breathtaking scenes, bereft of thought and words, for moments life can become very intense and still. The second our organism is tuned to full presence, a vivid stillness prevails. We are no more just a name in a game but acutely alive here and now. We are not absorbed by our minds anymore. Time stands still. We may experience a subtle joy. It’s very peaceful, silent now.

Actually, stillness is a very old word, older than the world itself, as it was still before the world was and will be after the world will have perished …


When we ask people about timeless moments, self-forgotten moments, when time and space were forgotten, they tell us about a peaceful light in absolute stillness. People know. Deep inside they know stillness. It’s our nature. Rays of light remind us of the sun, of Mother Nature, of any mother’s nature – to give selflessly, to love and perish while doing so. With meditation, we don’t escape into a dream – just the opposite. We become aware. We begin to experience our own presence, acutely aware of colors, sounds and movement and the simple feeling of being alive, just to be. There is stillness.


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