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Meditative Living

Tom Nissimoff




Meditation gives the brain a break, puts it to rest and lightens our heart. The mind’s restlessness subsides. We become still inside. No thought, no feeling disturb the light  Meditation is not an activity as such. Here nothing can be forced or pushed. It starts with the genuine interest to experience who we are, apart from being a person, a short lived body-mind  with a name, driven by hopes and fears...

A little exercise:


Tom Nissimoff, born in 1955 in Nuremberg, Germany, started meditating at an early age. He lived with his wife and children in California, New Mexico and New York, USA, in France and Spain. Family and work did not leave much time. When the four children were grown, Tom wrote his first little German book, Meditativ leben und lieben (Meditative Living and Loving.) meditation navigation is his first in English. His second English book about self-inquiry is presently in publication, and a German book for parents and school children, Seele, heil und  gute Noten can be ordered at www.gutenoten.bayern. Tom resides in Munich and is grandfather to three boys.

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