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Meditative Living

Tom Nissimoff





Each of us has some initiation, some experiences that can not be explained by any means. They are so impressive to us they stay with us all our lives. I call them initiation, an invitation to become a little curious about whom or what is behind the curtain of our skin and bones, hearts and brains. Initiation cannot be brought about on purpose. It is a grace in itself. To make good use of this experience, the next natural step is an urge to find out by oneself and go for it – start searching. You may listen to, seek and find sincere help from others: partners, family, parents, so-called friends, churches, psychologists and organizations. Only your personal experience is a valid guide. Your world is your experience, your responsibility and freedom. Accepting this as an absolute may take a little or no time at all. It’s up to you. You will encounter fear – don’t analyse it.  Go on.  


Your last and truly first moment comes unexpectedly – when you as a person, an identity perish. No me, no problem. It’s that psychological identity that has grown out of centuries of conditioning, anything you have ever believed to be you, that disappears. It is that self, “your self” that is suddenly gone. You will never think any more of what or whom you are. The necessity is gone. The Search is over. Any thought or conviction, belief or idea like “This or that is what I am” is gone.

A side effect of this happening is that a tremendous amount of energy that was previously locked up in who or what you were – who or what you were to become, good or bad, successful or a loser, healthy or unhealthy, right or wrong, overweight or slender, good looking or not, making a good or bad impression – is gone.  The “picture” of who you are is gone. All these labels and criticisms have now become obsolete. You are. That’s it. There is no need to become this or that or to prove or disapprove anything anymore. Some call it redemption, being newly born or awakening … it really doesn’t matter.

All you know is you are on the right track now and you are not concerned. Your worries are over, once and for all. Whatever is happening now you feel to be true. Consciousness keeps changing, transforming appearances into more subtle forms, transcending them into light and on. The universe fulfils its purpose and you are aligned.


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